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Body lift/liposuction

Duration of the procedure

Liposuction: 1-2 hours

Type of anesthesia

general anesthetic

Socially acceptable

2 weeks

Discover the beauty of your form and show your body in all its glory.

Liposuction is a proven plastic surgery procedure that offers a number of benefits for many patients. One of the main benefits is the targeted removal of excess fatty tissue, especially in problem areas that remain stubborn despite diet and exercise.


Patients often experience a significant improvement in their body contour and feel more comfortable in their skin. The procedure is typically minimally invasive, resulting in less scarring and a faster recovery. Results are usually permanent as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained.


Liposuction can increase self-confidence and bring about a positive change in attitude to life, as patients often feel fitter and more attractive. With these benefits, liposuction has become a popular option to improve body aesthetics and increase personal well-being.

Further information

buttock lift


Drooping upper eyelids - so-called droopy eyelids - can be extremely annoying for those affected. The development of drooping eyelids can be attributed to various reasons. With age, the skin and tissue in the area of the upper eyelids lose elasticity and resilience. The musculature becomes weaker and as a result the upper eyelids begin to droop: the eyelid droops, the eyes appear small and the gaze looks tired. However, droopy eyelids can also be genetic.

An eyelid lift can remove drooping upper eyelids and give the face a more alert and younger look. Eyelid correction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries.



A tightening of the upper eyelid is a standardized procedure in which excess skin in the area of the upper eyelid is removed. If necessary, the muscles are also tightened at the same time. Since the incision is made in the natural fold of the upper eyelid, no noticeable or visible scar remains after the drooping eyelid operation.


After the operation:

  • After tightening the upper eyelids, the eyelids may be swollen

  • This swelling can last up to two weeks

  • Cool eyelids after surgery

  • head elevation

  • Sunbathing or going to the solarium should be avoided,

  • The result of the eyelid lift can be seen about four weeks after the operation

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