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"Ergebnis einer Lidstraffung: Frau mit erfrischtem Blick

Professionelle Lidstraffung
Augenlidstraffung der Oberlider und Unterlider 

Body lift/liposuction

Duration of the procedure

60-90 minutes

Type of anesthesia

Local anesthesia, if necessary with sedation

Socially acceptable

2-3 weeks

Eyelid lift in Hanover

Let your eyes shine with a professional eyelid lift in Hanover. This procedure is a specialized form of plastic and aesthetic surgery that aims to rejuvenate tired and sagging eyelids.

Professionelle Lidstraffung, Lidstraffung in Hannover, augenlidstraffung

Eyelid lift:
what you need to know

Eyelid surgery is more than just a cosmetic procedure. It is an art form in plastic surgery that is both aesthetic and functional. The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis and usually takes between 60-90 minutes. Anesthesia is usually carried out using local anesthesia or in addition to twilight sleep.

Ursachen und Lösungen durch Oberlidstraffung

Severe drooping eyelids can occur for genetic reasons or can develop over time due to decreasing elasticity in the tissue and weakness of the eyelid muscles. These changes are particularly pronounced in the area of the upper eyelids. During an upper eyelid lift, which is carried out in the upper eyelid crease, excess skin is removed and the muscles are tightened if necessary. In some cases, measured fat removal can be carried out in this area. The result is a more awake and rejuvenated appearance, which can also reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. The scar is positioned in the area of the upper eyelid crease so that it is hardly visible.

Verjüngerte Augenpartie nach einer Lidstraffung

Tightening of the eyelids for a rejuvenated eye area

The eyelid lift procedure not only improves the aesthetic appearance, but also rejuvenates the entire appearance of the eye area. This can increase self-confidence and contribute to an overall more positive attitude towards life.

Blepharoplasty: The art of eyelid correction

Die Blepharoplastik ist eine spezialisierte Form der Augenlidkorrektur. Bei diesem Eingriff werden nicht nur Schlupflider korrigiert, sondern auch Tränensäcke und andere Probleme, die das Erscheinungsbild der Augen beeinträchtigen können.

The role of the eyelid muscles in eyelid lift

The muscles and connective tissue play a crucial role in the development of droopy eyelids. The upper eyelids relax. Over time, the muscles can relax, resulting in drooping eyelids. During eyelid surgery, these muscles are tightened to achieve a younger appearance.

Procedure of the operation (upper eyelid & lower eyelid)

During the procedure, patients have the option to choose local anesthesia and twilight sleep. During an upper eyelid lift, excess skin and, if necessary, fatty tissue are removed. During a lower eyelid lift, the incision is made either in the natural crease of the eyelid or through the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.

Tightening of the upper eyelids

Upper eyelid lifting, also known as an upper eyelid lift, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin in the upper eyelid area. This procedure usually takes about 20 minutes per side and is performed by an experienced surgeon. The skin in the area of the upper eyelid fold is precisely removed. In many cases, the eyelid muscles are also tightened to achieve optimal results.

The procedure can be carried out under local anesthesia or in twilight sleep. In rare cases, general anesthesia may also be necessary. After the procedure, the incisions are carefully stitched, although the scar is usually barely visible as it lies exactly in the natural eyelid crease. Steristrips or bandage strips are used to protect the wound and are removed after about 7 days.

Tightening of the lower eyelids

Lower eyelid tightening is aimed at correcting bags under the eyes and excess skin in the under-eye area. This surgical procedure can rejuvenate the entire appearance of the face and provide a more alert look. The surgeon makes an incision either directly under the eyelash line or in the inner area of the eyelid so that no visible scar is left behind.

The procedure for an eyelid correction for the lower eyelids is similar to that for the upper eyelids. The skin is disinfected and covered in a sterile manner, and the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia or twilight sleep. In some cases, general anesthesia may also be necessary. After removing the excess skin and, if necessary, fatty tissue, the wound is carefully stitched.

Nachsorge nach der Lidstraffung

After the operation

Swelling may occur after the procedure and may last up to two weeks. It is important to cool the eyelids and elevate the head after surgery. You will receive clear doctor's instructions for medication and care measures to achieve an optimal result. You should avoid sunbathing or going to the solarium. 

Caring for scars
after the eyelid lift

After an eyelid lift, it is important to care for your eyelids. After a week the stitches are removed. The following points are important:

  • After the upper eyelids are tightened, the eyelids may become swollen

  • This swelling can last up to two weeks

  • Cool eyelids after surgery

  • Head elevation

  • Sunbathing or going to the solarium should be avoided

  • The results of the eyelid lift can be seen approximately four weeks after the operation

Pflege der Narben nach einer Lidstraffung, Lidstraffung in hannover, vorher nachher bild lidstraffung,

Cost of an eyelid correction

The cost of an eyelid lift can vary. In Hanover the average price is €2,800. It is advisable to contact a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery for an accurate cost estimate.


The following should be taken into account in connection with the costs of an eyelid lift:

The cost of upper and lower eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can vary depending on various factors, such as geographic location, the reputation of the surgeon, the clinic or hospital where the procedure is performed, as well as individual requirements and additional services .

As a rule, the costs for an upper eyelid lift are between 1,500 and 4,000 euros. The cost of a lower eyelid lift can be similar or slightly higher, around 2,000 to 5,000 euros. It is important to note that these are only rough estimates and actual costs may vary.

Health insurance and cost coverage
for eyelid lift

In certain cases, health insurance can cover the costs of eyelid surgery. It is important to clarify this with your health insurance company before the procedure.

Kostenübernahme der Krankenkasse bei Lidstraffung, MHH Hannover, Prof. Vogt, Dr. Pohl, Plastischer Chirurg Hannover, INI Hannover

When is one? Eyelid lift useful?

Eyelid surgery may be considered if droopy eyelids or other problems affect the appearance of the eyes. A consultation with a specialist can help you make the best decision for your individual needs.

  • How do I behave after breast enlargement?
    After breast enlargement surgery, it is crucial to carefully follow the aftercare instructions. In most cases, wearing a compression bra or support bra is recommended to provide support and promote healing. Thanks to modern implants and advanced surgical technology, recovery time is often shortened. However, avoid sporting activities in the first few weeks after the operation to avoid complications and not to affect the healing result
  • How much does breast enlargement cost?
    The cost of breast enlargement can vary. The location of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, and the choice between silicone implants or silicone gel all play a role. In Germany the price of a breast enlargement is on average €6,500.
  • Why is the price of breast enlargement sometimes higher than average?
    There are several factors that can affect the price of breast enlargement. Each patient has a unique body and the technique used may vary. For example, the incision for breast implant placement can be subglandular, submuscular, or using the dual-plane method. Another cost factor is the brand of the implants. Popular implant brands in Germany are Polytech, Mentor, Allergan, Eurosilikon, Sebbin, Motiva and B-Lite. All plastic surgeons in Germany are obliged to use implants marked with the CE mark, which ensures compliance with European regulations and controls. After breast enlargement, the specialist may recommend lymphatic drainage or massage. In addition, the experience of the doctor, the reputation of the clinic and the location can also influence the overall price of breast enlargement. It is important to take these aspects into account when considering costs.
  • How long should you not exercise after breast surgery?
    After breast enlargement, it is important that the implant heals optimally and stabilizes in the desired position. Although bed rest is not necessary and you can get out of bed the day after breast implant placement, at least 4 weeks are required to avoid physical activity. This ensures that you get the best possible breast result and that the implant is not displaced. However, short, effortless walks are permitted in the first 14 days.
  • How long do I have to stay in the hospital after breast enlargement?
    After the breast operation, the patient usually stays for one day for inpatient observation. If further combination procedures are carried out, the stay may be extended.
  • How long am I not allowed to work after my breast surgery?
    Depending on the activity, 1-3 weeks are required. If you have a physically demanding job, you should take a break of at least 3 weeks. With office work you can often start again after a week.
  • Who Should Not Have Breast Augmentation?
    Breast enlargement is ideal for women who are dissatisfied with their breast volume. Before the procedure, a consultation with a specialist in plastic surgery is essential to find out the exact procedure of breast enlargement and possible Complications to be discussed. It should be noted that breast surgery is not recommended during pregnancy or for people under 18 years of age.
  • Do breast implants need to be changed?
    Although many breast implants offer a lifetime guarantee, it may be advisable to change them after 10 to 20 years to achieve the desired aesthetic result . Implants after 10 years

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