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intimchirurgie frau kosten intimchirurgie mann intimchirurgie nach geburt schönheitschirurgie hannover preise erfahrungen,  labienkorrektur intim bleaching hamburg grübchen-op hannover plastische chirurgie hannover krankenkasse,Die Vaginalstraffung ist ein chirurgischer Eingriff, der darauf abzielt, die Vagina zu straffen und zu verjüngen. Dies kann Frauen helfen, die unter Problemen wie Vaginalprolaps, Inkontinenz oder Unzufriedenheit mit dem Aussehen ihrer Genitalien leiden. Der Eingriff kann auch das sexuelle Vergnügen verbessern und das Selbstbewusstsein stärken, "Vaginalstraffung Kosten", "Vaginalstraffung Dresden", "Vaginoplastik Erfahrungen", "Vaginoplastik vor und nach", "Vaginoplastik Risiken", "Vaginoplastik Heilungsdauer", "Vaginoplastik ohne OP" und "Vaginale Straffung mit Laser". Es ist wichtig, dass Patientinnen sich an eine qualifizierte und erfahrene Klinik oder Praxis wenden und eine umfassende Beratung durchlaufen, um ihre Erwartungen und Risiken zu besprechen. Dr. Alawi ist der beste Chirurg für eine Vaginalstraffung in Dresden und Hannover, Hamburg und Berlin. Bester Plastischer Chirurg Dr. Alawi Dresden, Hannover. Vaginalstraffung, Vaginale Straffung, Vaginalverjüngung, Vaginale Verjüngung, Vaginalrekonstruktion, Vaginale Rekonstruktion, Vaginoplastik, Vaginale Straffungsoperation, Vaginale Straffungsbehandlung, Vaginalstraffungsverfahren, Vaginale Straffungschirurgie, Vaginalstraffungskosten, Vaginale Laxität, Schlaffe Vagina, Vaginallockern, Vaginalstraffungsergebnisse, Vaginalstraffungschirurg, Vaginalstraffungsexperte, Vaginalstraffungsklinik, Vaginalstraffung vor und nach, Vaginalstraffung Genesungszeit, Vaginalstraffung Risiken, Vaginalstraffung Nebenwirkungen, Vaginalstraffung Erfahrungen, Vaginalstraffung Bewertungen, Vaginalstraffung Alternativen, Nicht-chirurgische Vaginalstraffung, Laser Vaginalstraffung, Radiofrequenz Vaginalstraffung, Vaginale Straffungscreme


Body lift/liposuction

Duration of the procedure

Vaginal tightening: 150 min.

Type of anesthesia

general anesthetic

Socially acceptable

2 weeks

buttock lift


Drooping upper eyelids - so-called droopy eyelids - can be extremely annoying for those affected. The development of drooping eyelids can be attributed to various reasons. With age, the skin and tissue in the area of the upper eyelids lose elasticity and resilience. The musculature becomes weaker and as a result the upper eyelids begin to droop: the eyelid droops, the eyes appear small and the gaze looks tired. However, droopy eyelids can also be genetic.

An eyelid lift can remove drooping upper eyelids and give the face a more alert and younger look. Eyelid correction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries.



A tightening of the upper eyelid is a standardized procedure in which excess skin in the area of the upper eyelid is removed. If necessary, the muscles are also tightened at the same time. Since the incision is made in the natural fold of the upper eyelid, no noticeable or visible scar remains after the drooping eyelid operation.


After the operation:

  • After tightening the upper eyelids, the eyelids may be swollen

  • This swelling can last up to two weeks

  • Cool eyelids after surgery

  • head elevation

  • Sunbathing or going to the solarium should be avoided,

  • The result of the eyelid lift can be seen about four weeks after the operation

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Further information

How much does a vaginal tightening cost?

Vaginal laxity, also known as "loose vaginal tissue," is a common physical change in women, especially after pregnancy. In intimate surgery, there are ways to help women regain their sexual desire. As part of vaginal rejuvenation, the vagina is narrowed and tightened. The average price for such a procedure is €4,900.

  1. Surgical Fees: This includes the cost of the procedure itself, including the services of the surgeon and surgical team.

  2. Anesthesia Fees: The use of anesthesia during the procedure requires the services of an anesthesiologist, who may charge separate fees.

  3. Hospital stay: Depending on the extent of the procedure, an outpatient or inpatient stay may be necessary. The costs for the stay in the clinic or hospital are included in the total costs.

  4. Medical tests: Before the procedure, tests such as blood tests or gynecological examinations may be required to check suitability for surgery. These costs are also taken into account.

  5. Follow-up care and medications: Post-operative care, including dressing changes, follow-up exams, and prescribed medications, may incur additional costs.

  6. Geographical location: Prices may vary depending on region and country. In urban areas or at reputable clinics, costs may tend to be higher than in rural areas.


Frequently asked questions about vaginal tightening

1. What is a vaginal tightening?

A vaginal tightening is a surgical procedure that narrows and tightens the vagina to reduce the feeling of vaginal laxity.


2. Why do women choose vaginal tightening? 

Women often choose vaginal tightening to increase sexual desire, boost self-confidence, and correct physical changes after pregnancy.

3. How is a vaginal tightening performed? A vaginal tightening can be minimally invasive or surgical. Methods include techniques such as the use of laser energy, radio frequency or traditional surgical incisions.

4. How long does recovery take after a vaginal tightening?

 Recovery time may vary depending on the individual case, but it typically takes a few weeks to several months to achieve full recovery.


5. What are the risks and side effects of a vaginal tightening? 

Possible risks include infection, bleeding, swelling, scarring, and temporary changes in sensitivity.

6. How much does a vaginal tightening cost?

The cost of a vaginal tightening procedure can vary depending on the clinic, location and individual factors. On average, the costs are around €4,900.


7. Is a vaginal tightening reversible?

A vaginal tightening is considered a permanent change. It is important to think carefully about the decision and seek advice from an experienced surgeon.

8. How long do the results of a vaginal tightening last? 

The results of a vaginal tightening procedure can be long-term, although the natural aging process and the effects of pregnancy can affect the result over time.


9. Can a vaginal tightening improve sexual satisfaction? 

Yes, a vaginal tightening can help increase sexual pleasure by increasing friction during intercourse and boosting a woman's confidence.


10. Are there alternative non-surgical options for vaginal tightening? 

Yes, there are non-surgical procedures such as laser treatments or radiofrequency therapy that can provide some vaginal tightening without surgery.

11. How much does intimate surgery cost?

The cost of intimate surgery can vary greatly and depends on various factors, such as the exact procedure, the region in which the surgery is performed and the individual surgeon. It is difficult to give exact figures because there are many different types of intimate surgeries, such as labia reduction, vaginal tightening or clitoral hood correction. In some cases the costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

12. Can the vagina narrow on its own?

Yes, the vagina can become narrow. Vaginal narrowing can have various causes, such as congenital narrowing, inflammation, scarring after injury or surgery, hormonal changes or psychological factors. In some cases, vaginal narrowing can cause pain during intercourse or other sexual problems. 



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