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Jungfernhäutchen wiederherstellen, Hymenrekonstruktion, Hymenoplastik, Jungfernhäutchen-OP, Hymen-OP, Jungfernhäutchenchirurgie, Hymenrestauration, Hymenreparatur, Jungfernhäutchenintervention, Hymenregeneration, Jungfernhäutchenoperation, Hymenplastie


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Labia reduction in Hanover

A labia reduction is a surgical procedure that focuses on the inner labia. Enlarged labia minora can cause not only aesthetic concerns but also physical discomfort. Pain while cycling, discomfort when wearing tight clothing, or even during intercourse are common reasons for women to consider labia reduction. The procedure aims to remove the excess tissue and shape the labia to a desirable shape and size for the patient.

 Jungfernhäutchen wiederherstellen, Hymenrekonstruktion, Hymenoplastik, Jungfernhäutchen-OP, Hymen-OP, Jungfernhäutchenchirurgie, Hymenrestauration, Hymenreparatur, Jungfernhäutchenintervention, Hymenregeneration, Jungfernhäutchenoperation, Hymenplastie

Difference between labiaplasty and labia reduction

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between a labiaplasty and a labia reduction. Labiaplasty can include a number of procedures in the intimate area, including adjustment of the external labia or clitoris. A labia reduction, on the other hand, focuses specifically on reducing the size of the inner labia. It is important to seek detailed advice to ensure that the procedure chosen meets the patient's individual needs and wishes.

Labia: Difference between inner and outer labia

The labia are an integral part of the female genital area and play both a functional and aesthetic role. There are two main types of labia: the labia minora and the labia majora. The inner labia, also known as the labia minora, are thin folds of skin that surround the vaginal entrance. They can vary in size and shape and are often sensitive. The outer labia, also known as the labia majora, are fleshier folds of skin that surround and protect the inner labia. They are often covered with hair and contain fatty tissue. In some women, the inner labia may be longer than the outer labia, which is called the inner labia majora. This can occur for hormonal or genetic reasons and can be found very disturbing.

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What does the health insurance company cover?

Whether and to what extent the health insurance company covers the costs of a labia reduction depends on various factors. Some health insurance companies cover the costs if the procedure is carried out for medical reasons and not just for aesthetic reasons. It is therefore important to contact your own health insurance company before the procedure and to clarify the exact scope of services. In some cases it may be necessary to provide a medical certificate or medical justification in order to obtain reimbursement.

Aftercare & Healing process after labia reduction

After labia reduction, proper aftercare is crucial to the healing process and the end result. It is important to carefully follow the plastic surgery clinic's instructions. In the first few days after the procedure, the labia majora or labia minora may be swollen and cause pain. It is advisable to keep your intimate area cool and take enough care of yourself. If the labia are enlarged or the inner labia are long, the swelling may be more pronounced. The patient should have regular examinations with the treating gynecologist to monitor the healing process.

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PD Dr. Alawi: Experte in der Intimchirurgie

Plastic & Aesthetic surgery with PD Dr. Alawi:Expertise in intimate surgery

The healing process after labia reduction varies depending on the findings and the individual physical condition of the patient. In general, the intimate area should be protected in the first few weeks after the procedure. Sports activities, especially those that put strain on the intimate area, should be avoided. It is also advisable to avoid sexual intercourse until the external female genitalia is completely healed. For some women, the layers may pass over the pubic bone, causing discomfort. However, this should wear off over time. If you have any questions or uncertainties, you should always consult your plastic surgery clinic or your treating gynecologist.

Arrange a non-binding consultation

It is important to seek detailed advice before the procedure. This can be done in a personal consultation with the treating surgeon or gynecologist. During the consultation, detailed discussions and examinations are carried out to determine the exact findings and create the best treatment plan. What results can be expected and the risks associated with the procedure are also discussed.

When does labiaplasty make sense? Reasons to have your labia reduced

There are many reasons why women consider labiaplasty. Some of the most common reasons are medical, such as pain or discomfort during exercise or sexual intercourse. Other reasons may be of aesthetic origin. If the inner labia are significantly longer than the outer ones, it can represent a combined problem. This can cause self-confidence issues, especially in intimate situations or when wearing tight clothing. It is important to seek advice from a gynecologist or specialist surgeon to ensure the procedure is both safe and effective.

Labia reduction costs

The cost of labia reduction varies depending on the complexity of the procedure, the method chosen and the clinic. In Germany the prices are usually between 1,200 and 3,000 euros. It is advisable to get various offers before the procedure and compare the prices and the services included.

  • How do I behave after breast enlargement?
    After breast enlargement surgery, it is crucial to carefully follow the aftercare instructions. In most cases, wearing a compression bra or support bra is recommended to provide support and promote healing. Thanks to modern implants and advanced surgical technology, recovery time is often shortened. However, avoid sporting activities in the first few weeks after the operation to avoid complications and not to affect the healing result
  • How much does breast enlargement cost?
    The cost of breast enlargement can vary. The location of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, and the choice between silicone implants or silicone gel all play a role. In Germany the price of a breast enlargement is on average €6,500.
  • Why is the price of breast enlargement sometimes higher than average?
    There are several factors that can affect the price of breast enlargement. Each patient has a unique body and the technique used may vary. For example, the incision for breast implant placement can be subglandular, submuscular, or using the dual-plane method. Another cost factor is the brand of the implants. Popular implant brands in Germany are Polytech, Mentor, Allergan, Eurosilikon, Sebbin, Motiva and B-Lite. All plastic surgeons in Germany are obliged to use implants marked with the CE mark, which ensures compliance with European regulations and controls. After breast enlargement, the specialist may recommend lymphatic drainage or massage. In addition, the experience of the doctor, the reputation of the clinic and the location can also influence the overall price of breast enlargement. It is important to take these aspects into account when considering costs.
  • How long should you not exercise after breast surgery?
    After breast enlargement, it is important that the implant heals optimally and stabilizes in the desired position. Although bed rest is not necessary and you can get out of bed the day after breast implant placement, at least 4 weeks are required to avoid physical activity. This ensures that you get the best possible breast result and that the implant is not displaced. However, short, effortless walks are permitted in the first 14 days.
  • How long do I have to stay in the hospital after breast enlargement?
    After the breast operation, the patient usually stays for one day for inpatient observation. If further combination procedures are carried out, the stay may be extended.
  • How long am I not allowed to work after my breast surgery?
    Depending on the activity, 1-3 weeks are required. If you have a physically demanding job, you should take a break of at least 3 weeks. With office work you can often start again after a week.
  • Who Should Not Have Breast Augmentation?
    Breast enlargement is ideal for women who are dissatisfied with their breast volume. Before the procedure, a consultation with a specialist in plastic surgery is essential to find out the exact procedure of breast enlargement and possible Complications to be discussed. It should be noted that breast surgery is not recommended during pregnancy or for people under 18 years of age.
  • Do breast implants need to be changed?
    Although many breast implants offer a lifetime guarantee, it may be advisable to change them after 10 to 20 years to achieve the desired aesthetic result . Implants after 10 years

Videos about labia reduction

In our videos, PD Dr. Alawi explains the process and benefits of labia reduction to give you a comprehensive insight into the procedure.

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